American Universities

For the most part, applying to an American university is the same for international students as it is for students within the country. However, there are some special considerations that need to be made when applying.

Regardless of what country you are from, you will need to complete the minimum requirements for test scores and high school (or the equal to it in your country) grade point averages for that specific university. You can find out what the minimums for each university are on the university’s website, or by contacting a university representative. You will need to complete the SAT and ACT test for most any university, though some only require one test or the other to be taken. Because these tests cost money, it’s always best to figure out which scores you need, so you can exclude any unnecessary testing.Click here to buy stem专业

However, while these are generally the only tests that need to be taken for applicants native to America, international students will sometimes have to complete additional tests to be considered for admittance. The most common test is the Test of English as an International Language or TOFL. This test checks that you are fluent enough in English to both comprehend your courses and lectures and, readily interact with professors and other mentors on the university campus.

After being admitted to the university of your choice, you will need to obtain a visa – this ensures that you will, indeed, be able to travel to America without governmental or immigration complications stopping you. If you are a temporary student participating in an exchange program, then you will need a J-1 visa – which will allow you to stay in the country, but only for a stated amount of time. For those staying for the full duration of their degree plan, a F-1 visa will be needed. This visa allows a much longer stay, but requires much more paperwork, meaning that you should, by all means, apply early.

Finally, you must submit evidence of your financial ability to cover the educational costs of at least two semesters. That means the, Certificate of Financial Resources and an official or certified copy of bank statement are required before the I-20 is issued. Make sure to have a way to bring or send the money to the university. It is also good to contact the university ahead of time to learn about their tuition and fees payment options. This will ensure there are no complications in the payment being fulfilled and will keep you from being charged a late fee.


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