Bashing Other Video Companies

We all know how important it is to get your wedding video companies name out in front of the public. In order to develop a thriving business, your name must be recognized and even familiar to people in your community.

There are many different ways to achieve this and you can spend a minimal amount or a fortune for advertising and marketing. In most communities, the wedding video market is very competitive so companies must be very creative in establishing their name. Wedding videographers can be competing for the same brides in the same town, and still maintain a professional, courteous relationship.

It is actually beneficial to have a positive professional relationship with your fellow wedding videographers. You may be able to help each other out in a jam, if say, you have an equipment problem or you need an additional camera to get the coverage you need and your second videographer gets sick. By maintaining a good working relationship with your competitors, you have other professionals you can turn to for help, and they can come to you for help as well.

On the other hand, there always seems to be at least one video production company that has not figured this out. They are of the mind set that if you are their competitor, you are the enemy, therefore, they are determined to make you and your company look inferior. This can most often be found on their websites. They may not name you specifically, but it is no secret what the are implying.

It amounts to a cheap shot and is a clear sign that they are desperate and will do anything to boost their business. In order to steer attention away from their lack of experience or knowledge, these wedding videographers criticize, and put down the work of their competitors. I have personally seen even highly respected video production companies do this, why is beyond me.

Unfortunately, choosing to go the route of “bashing” or “dissing” the competition in public or on the internet does nothing but draw attention to the fact that their work can not stand on its own. Most brides can recognize it for what it is. Those who do not can end up with an inferior wedding video due to the lack of experience, skill and knowledge on the part of the videographer. Your wedding video is not something you want to trust to an amateur. If a wedding video company has to criticize or bash the competition to make themselves look good, you should keep looking.

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