Dental Teeth Whitening Questions and Answers

Every user of dental teeth whitening products usually has some questions. The first question is normally questioning the safety of teeth whitening products.

Teeth whitening products have proven to be safe to use for some years now. None of the tooth whitening products found over the counter are known to cause any damage to the teeth, gums or nerves in the mouth nor do they wear down tooth enamel. Just remember to follow the instructions when using the product and users should be fine. Visit Lifetime Teeth Today

Another commonly asked question is regarding previously done dental work. Customers want to know if the product will damage any pre-existing dental work such as fillings, crowns or bonding done to teeth. Over to counter tooth whiteners are not known to cause any problems with any existing or future dental work.

It is important to note that tooth whiteners will not change the color of any fillings you may have. So, your teeth may end up whiter than the fillings or bonding you’ve had done previously because the enamel the filling is from is matched to the color of the tooth it’s being put on at the time the filling is placed.

It’s important to bear in mind teeth whiteners are not a permanent fix. How long they last usually depends on if you drink plenty of coffee, tea and how often you brush your teeth. Coffee and tea, as well as certain foods, are known to stain your teeth. You may have to end up brushing more often to maintain the whiteness.


Hydrogen peroxide or a carbamide peroxide solution is often used to bleaching the surface of your teeth. Laser, also known as curing light, is used as an activating medium so that the chemical could start on the bleaching process. It is advisable that the solution be allowed to seep deep into the teeth for an hour. Reapplication may be required when your teeth did not lighten in any away. However, there is a limit to this reapplication because the chemical can harm the enamel badly. Afterwards, your teeth will be rinsed completely with flowing water to remove any chemical residue. The entire procedure may be repeated in a later time if your desired result is not achieved.

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