How to Determine If You Should Use Software Outsourcing

We commonly get asked “What is in fact the entire value of software outsourcing?” as many of us discuss to potential patrons or colleagues. It’s absolutely not always a fit, but our organization think generally there is a wide variety of scenarios wherein it’s a no-brainer. I generally break it down in line with the software philosophy of your organization, the kind of business that you’re in additionally, the focus belonging to the organization. Click theĀ  link forĀ software outsourcing poland

The term “software philosophy” is really simpler than is sounds – does your company specialize in deploying primarily COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf Software) or Custom Developed Software? Generally, it can make more sense to deploy COTS for established, non-strategic needs. More on that in a subsequent post. If the focus is COTS, there are actually often connectors to legacy and SOA-enabled systems, customizations and plugins which might be developed and contributed to the COTS product. These make use of software outsourcing in that they are generally tightly scoped, templated pieces of work which may be easily sent to an outside team. They are not a worry to transfer straight back to an IT shop for maintenance after the fact. Finally, these bits of work are usually using a “unique skillset” area where, after the project is complete, there is very little value in keeping that skill set within the organization. If the main focus is on custom software development, the choice of software outsourcing or developing internally fall to additional factors.

What type of business you are in can be a critical point to consider in software outsourcing. In the case of non-technology businesses, it generally is just smart to outsource your software development and concentrate onto your core business. Where things get murky is when an organization has got an established and running IT department that already incorporates software development. In those cases, this company has to examine its software process carefully to ascertain whether it is getting value out of this work. What we frequently see is that IT departments are managed really specific approach to make sure that every one of the systems remain up, running and completely functional. The largest part of projects use the style of “building a house” from plans rather then “inventing a lightbulb” (Read more about that in a later post). Consequently, it often makes more sense to outsource software for new project implementations and integrate the final product to the IT environment as an official IT project. It is dependent on applying core focus in the best areas – when the outsourcer focuses on their core – creating great new software – and the IT department focuses on their core – driving business value through the implementation and management of IT systems. When the corporation does have a separate software group for internal development or external product development, there are another array of things to consider.


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